the real rose of jericho

rose of jericho

The real rose of jericho is not a real rose. It was blessed by Maria It looks somewhat as a grey, dead ball when it's dry, and somewhat like a branch of pine when made wet. It lives forever a hundred years and is said never to die, and thus being kept in families for over generations. You can keep it dry for years, and then put it in a cupboard of water cold or hot -even almost boiling hot, within seconds, it will revive and uncurl to a nice smelling and open, branch. You can keep it weet up to seven days, after which you dry it again on the central heating system


Using herbs for people already documented in the Bible. In many cultures - across the globe, using plants, already hundreds of years, toward a major cure. Even animals use plant against as a disease (for example a dog that I can weed out Schacht). The Early man Egyptians, the Babelians, The ancient Greeks, Romans, the tribes Hainkeha Omiya in South America - all used in a broad spectrum of herbs.

In the past, herbs were the tools and Treatment respect Oaiqary Medicine. Herbal served as the greatest doctors like Maimonides Wised doctor. All this has changed as Chemists laboratories were able to isolate certain herbal materials to produce materials active in Ssyntteat. But we must not forget that a lot of medications we know today from plants. Take for example the aspirin - aspirin, Comer healing, is now an isolated tree Mkelifat White Arava, which had its self herb hundreds of years earlier, especially for the treatment and healing Spout Oodlkota throat. Morphine used Reducing pain during and after surgery, insulated Opium Mprah, Halo is Hap rag. So what is The difference between the use of medicinal plant and taking medication? Plant we take the entire integrity of nature Yazd pulled millions of years of evolution. Any plant materials are a lot of activists working together in a different way than in the active use of medication.

For example: aspirin can cause Evakibah due Causing ulcer, that is offensive Brigit stomach.'ll Take what the white willow plant healing, get While more moderate than the effect of aspirin, but stomach did not get hurt, because there Vetch complete shield components on Ararat stomach. Herbal medicines are for all intents and purposes, Despite their Impact on the body Magnet moderate, and therefore do not consume herbs sold in stores natural pharmacy without consulting or Mharbelesta Naturopath qualified. Herb for any side effects and labels against. Herbs most effective when they are in person from the medical problem he suffered.

Ways to use herbs

Customary use in all parts of the plant: leaves, branches, roots and flowers. Any use at the plant conducting another, depending on where the active ingredients are what his medical Martha is intended.