What are the virtues of the real Jericho rose

What are the virtues of the real Jericho rose

There are two types of plants known in the world called the “rose of Jericho” Anastatica hierochuntica and Selaginella lepidophylla. If you buy the plant, you must differentiate well between the two types of plants. Although both are plants called the Jericho rose, only Anesthetica hierocontica is the true and real Jericho rose associated with the story of the Holy Land. The real Jericho rose grows in the Middle East on the Judean desert near the Dead Sea in Israel. Anastatic belongs to the mustard family, Brassicaceae. It is grey, when it is closed like a ball, it holds seed pods inside. Every time it is exposed to moisture or water the ball opens like a rose. The rose is known also as Mary Rose.

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The real Rose of Jericho or Maria of Jericho is used to bring positive energies to the environment. If you need money or to increase your income or to get true love then you should get the plant and put it in your home. Due to its connection to Jerusalem, the Jericho rose is also known as the Jerusalem rose plant or the Jerusalem rose.

What are the spiritual uses and health benefits of the real Jericho rose?

In many traditions, the surviving rose of Jericho is associated with wealth, protection, good luck, and it draws the negative energies from the house. The real Jericho rose can bring good luck inside the home because it helps remove negative energies from the environment. Some people add spells and words to bring about personal life changes in matters of romance and income. Furthermore, the real Rose of Jericho has a wealth of therapeutic and spiritual benefits not only for Catholic Christians but also for Hinduism and other faiths, even for Islam. This plant has an amazing heritage and is known to have survived for centuries.

It is used in many medical, therapeutic and religious practices. Many ceremonies are known in the world in which the plant helps mothers when it is around them and brings good luck at home.

The real Jericho rose keeps away bad luck – is used against envy, the evil eye, and removes bad and negative thoughts.

To remove evil and the evil eye, follow these steps:

If you suffer from some kind of evil and envy of people, and you were unable to do anything about it in the past, don’t worry because now you can remove the evil eye of your family from your home and from you. Place the plant Anastatic hierochuntica in a plate with water. Let it stay there until it opens completely. Between one and two hours. Leave it there until you see the water change color and turn brown Now use the brown water and sprinkle it at the entrance of your home and office, the best time to do this is on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9am or 3pm.

To help increase your income, follow these steps:

Take some coins according to your country’s currency. It can be pennies or any other type of currency. Now, take your real Jericho rose and put it in a bowl of water. Be sure to take a deep plate or bowl. Dip the plant and leave it in the bowl until it opens like a rose. Once the plant has fully opened, remove the plant from the water, take the coins and place them inside the plant. Now, let the plant go back and close itself with the coins inside staying closed. After a day or two, take the “True Rose of Jericho” plant and take out the coins.

In fact it is reborn money. Put these coins with the rest of your money, and watch your money revive. Use the magic spell of the real Rose of Jericho for positive changes in different people’s lives.

If you have the opportunity to keep this wonderful plant in your home, use it to bring happiness and prosperity. Although this may seem like magic and sorcery, however, it has been proven in the experience of many people. Just follow the process you did with the money, but this time use crystals instead of coins. Put crystals inside the Jericho rose, let the plant close, take out the crystals and place them in the entrance of your house, in your car and in your wallet. You will see wonderful changes in your mood and the general atmosphere in your home.

Use of Jericho’s love spell:

We all love someone at some point in our lives. We all want to be wanted and loved, we want to receive love from certain people. To get the desired feelings of love from the partner you want, the real Rose of Jericho again comes to your rescue. Here you will have to use the “True Rose of Jericho for Love” prayer. Take a pink candle and the oil candle. During the massage, concentrate on your feelings and the feelings you long to receive. Invite the person you love to your home, light the candle and think about it for ten minutes. Repeat it for five consecutive days and see the magic. And read the prayer The True Rose of Jericho “The blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ we receive, you add the virtue and strength he gave you, help me overcome the difficulties of life, give me health, strength, happiness, love and peace. In my home, my luck in business, the ability to work To earn more money to meet all my needs.

Use real rose of Jericho for safe delivery and safe pregnancy

In the Christian religion, the plant symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus. And it is very similar to Miriam’s womb. Thus, the plant brings the blessing of the Miriam mother to the child born and to the child of a pregnant mother. Just put the real Jericho rose with a little water under the mother’s bed. Once the plant starts to develop, take the baby Jesus statue and insert it into the plant. among its open branches. This will ensure the safe birth of the child. The mother can carry out the resuscitation process – that is, putting the plant in water until it reopens, every birthday of the child born for the safety of the child. The real rose of Jericho is also used to treat fertility problems in men and women. Use the real Rose of Jericho to call spirits for any help, you can communicate with spirits that can help.

We all believe in life after death. People who die are simply out of sight, but remember us, and so do we. Real Rose of Jericho will help you call your loved ones for help. Take some scraped pieces of the rose of Jericho and put them on the graves of your dead relatives, from whom you are asking for help. Then you will see them appear in your dreams and help you through the hard things. They will send you signs and signals of help in your dreams.

In conclusion, we have here a prehistoric plant that throughout history was in demand among believers, therefore it is very likely that it helped many people, this means that it has strong energies and powers. After buying a Jericho rose plant, it must be watered and “awakened”. If you plan to use it for spiritual purposes, there is a special way to do it. First, buy a bowl big enough to hold the plant after opening. Glass bowls are best, but make sure any bowl you choose is sealed or glazed with a non-toxic material. Clean the bowl, dry it, then fill it with fresh, clean water. Then, hold the dried plant in your hands and you will immediately feel the energy of the plant. Meditate, say prayers, chant, visualize it being filled with golden light, or do any other spiritual practice that makes you feel comfortable with it. When the plant feels ready, place it in water. until it opens.

Water and Jericho are often used to increase wealth. You can sprinkle the water on counters in your store and business, tables or cash registers to bring business economic prosperity, or add the water to wash floors for good luck. Many believers keep a plant – in water by their front door, with a few coins added to the water. This water is used to wash the front door, to help keep the money flowing into the house. The rose of Jericho is also used for protection, since it is a sacred plant, the rose of Jericho can also be used for protection.


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The Rose of Jericho or Resurrection plant, is a desert plant with a fascinating ability to survive in extreme conditions.

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